Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why John Walks Every morning:))

Ok Tammy here is my story behind why John walks every morning!

as most of you know John works on a Hours ranch. he oversees the owners home and the horses are his hobby! He has 14 as of yesterday morning 15 and hopefully this morning 16 (the babies are oh so cute) anyway part of John's job is in the morning when he gets there he always eats them. then he would get on to his other work, well now as of 2 months ago he now has to talk the horse out to their pens cause the girl that was doing that quit! LORD you should have see John that first week! he could not breath or hardly walk by the time he was done! I felt so sorry for him. BUT now I am seeing his pase has picked up and he is not breathing hard now! I show this to him last week. It is funny cause he always walks on this job and every time he went to the dr when she would ask him about exercise that is what he told her. I told him this pass week yes now this is exerice!! LOL and a plus also, he has loss 10 pounds just doing this each morning!
I DONOT help walk the horse. I like something between them and me cause they are bigger then me!! But I do sit there in my truck till John is done to make sure he is ok cause noone else is out there. plus I get to crochet while watching him:)
But i have decided that I will start walking with him. I Know that I can not keep up with his pase but I will start:))

Here is a look at the horses if you want to see them:))
Margaux Tip Ranch


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