Friday, April 10, 2009

Day #1 Week #1

And I am off and running here!! Ok so here it is and let me tell you all it is not pretty!!

Fridays will be my weekly weigh in here at home, what will yours be?
since you all know that I have a LOT of weight to lose it does not bother me to tell you all that I am 292.0 pounds this AM:(((( But now there is good news to all this! First I am so thankful that I am NOT over 300 pounds! (cause I was back in June!) and I was so shocked that morning when I was at the gym and she weight me and the dang scales read 304! and I had been bringing it to me by all the time going around saying "If I hit 300 pounds I will Die"!! and I do believe that you bring things to you! even the lord tells us to watch our mouths! anyway the good news I did not die:)) the bad news is I hit 314 before I started going down again! so between June and now this is what i have lost. the only thing i did was stopped all my meds and daily supplements that i was taking!
as of now I am back on my BP Med cause my BP really jumped! this pass week when I was at the Dr it was 150/100 and I started have the bad head aches again. so I did start this Med again this morning, plus I am back to taking my aspirin a day and Centrun silver multi Vitamin every day. other that these I am not taking anything! I am thinking about adding cinnamon to my supplements:)

so my Goal for this week is small put will be a challenge for me! I will drink 48 ozs of water each day!!


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  1. Let me first say... I'm Proud of you! You have a GREAT attitude! You're going to lose the weight you want.. I know it! Just dont forget... one pound at a time. No pressure. Just one pound at a time. Although if feels like all of a sudden we gained weight.. we didnt.. it didnt just show up over night.. and it wont go away over night. It will be more work to get it off than it was putting it on... but it can be done.. one day at a time.. one pound at a time.
    So... grab your water ... and lets start losing!
    love you sweetie... I'm proud of you!