Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm a newbie...

Okay - time for my FIRST EVER blog post! I hope you're all sitting down!!! LOL I am not counting calories, so you won't be seeing a log of what I ate all day or anything... I AM going to drink more water - in my house, one of my hubby's favorite sayings is "Do Or Do Not - There Is No Try." So, I'm training myself to not say I'm going to "try" to do something... I'm either going to do it, or not. I love that particular phrase, as it eliminates a lot of hemming and hawing about things... don't say you're going to try! Just do! Anyway - I got on the scale today, YIKES! do I have my work cut out for me!! But, I know I can do this, especially since I've got everybody's support and nobody's judgement (except myself, which is plenty!!)... Yesterday I walked the 8 or 10 or whatever blocks to get my daughter from school... the downside to that walk is I have everybody with me, so I can't walk fast. I feel that since I'm out there, though, that's more than I did the day before, so it's a good thing anyway... I just want to thank Tammy from the bottom of my heart for thinking this idea up and putting it into motion! I think it's great, and I think it's going to work!!! Thanks for listening to me ramble... - Mel


  1. Great to see you made it Mel:) you walked 8 blocks that is GREAT!!! I do good to walk to my mailbox LOL but i am going to work on that:)


  2. woohoo........... you did it.... you blogged!
    8-10 blocks? Wow... good for you!!!!
    better than no walking them.. huh!
    keep up the good work dear!!!
    oh... go get your water missy.... :)