Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the answer is!

Little Debbie4 oz Cheese Danish

430 calories
18 grams fat (9 are saturated!)
370 mg Sodium
63 carbs!
only 1 fiber
36 grams sugar
6 grams protein

McDonald's Sausage biscuit
430 Calories
27 grams fat (12 are saturated!)
1080 mg sodium
34 Carbs
only 2 fiber
2 grams sugar
11 grams protein

ok so now looking at this which do you say? if you are counting Calories then either is good, If you are counting carbs then you better get the Biscuit. either way I would rather have had the biscuit but the danich did give me my craving for sweets:)

and now my story behind this:))
This morning I left here to take john to work and forgot that i was not coming back home cause I was meeting sandy to go over to Hagerstown to Micheal's craft store. and of course I had not eaten cause I always wait till i get back home to eat! and I know we will not be back into town before noon! so I figure I better stop by the country store and pick my up something quick to eat while i am waiting. of course all i could find was the danish that I wanted! now i did try to be good but they did not have any fruit LOL!
So I get my danish and a bottle of water(that was good) and head on over to the wal-Mart parking lot to wait on sandy. well I totaly forgot that there was a McDonalds right there in front of the wal-mart!! Man I could have had a sausage biscuit!!
and now you know the rest of the story:)

wish me luck tomorrow morning i will be getting on my scales:)

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  1. Now isnt that something?! Wow!
    hmm... now knowing ... which would I choose?
    Probably neither... I'm counting calories... and thats not enough food for the calories. If I'm gonna eat 430cal for breakfast... there better be eggs and bacon involved...LOL

    thanks for this neat post though... really gets you to paying attention.