Saturday, July 21, 2012

One month later..............

I'm down 14.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY ME!!!   I'm so excited and rather proud of myself!  
I keep this up and I'll be ready for Christmas Vacation!

I have been drinking my slim fast... drinking my water and eating nice dinners with my boys.  Occasionally I end up changing my "meal time" out for breakfast or lunch.... depending on what is going on that day... so I drink my slim fast accordingly.   
Yesterday for example... I met my mom so she could get her car worked on ... while the mechanics tended to her car... we went to breakfast at Summer Kitchen.  I had a nice breakfast... kept it simple ... good for me .. and watched my calories.  We had a great time getting some "mom/daughter" time in shopping.... then back to pick up her car.   I had my slim fast for lunch and dinner then.  Worked out just fine...and I feel great!

I have really been good about my water intake!!  I carry my water glass EVERYWHERE! 

Well... gotta get back to my boys!
catch back up again soon!
hope to see some of you ladies pop back on!

Keep drinking your water!!!!!!!
love you all
God Bless