Wednesday, May 26, 2010

new inspiration

I've recently discovered a new blog.  This man is attempting to lose half his body weight - and he's nearly accomplished his goal!  Sometimes the language is a bit crude, but overall reading about his triumph is quite inspiring... he's not giving up, so I'm not either!

I still weigh more than I did when I was at my lowest - but I weigh less than I did yesterday, so I'm moving in the right direction!  I just have to keep on keepin' on, and it will happen - right?

I have never watched the Biggest Loser, but apparently the winner of this season's show also lost more than half his own body weight - what an accomplishment!  I don't believe I should lose half of my body weight, but I'm looking at probably a third or so... Let's see... I weigh almost 260 now, and I want to get down to around 170 or 180 - so that's about an 80 or 90 pound loss.  Heh - I just did the math, and it looks like if I lost one third of my body weight, I'd weigh just about what I think I should!  So there we have it, girls!  That's my goal; to weigh one third less than I do now.  How long do you think it will take me?  I was reading a bit about the contestants on the Biggest Loser - they seemed to lose an average of 5 or 6 pounds a week.  I've never thought that was healthy, but I suppose they were all being carefully monitored so it was fine, I'm sure.  If I were able to lose 5 pounds a week, it would take me 17 weeks or so.  We're getting ready to stare June in the face, if I count out 17 weeks from the beginning of June, it lands right around the end of September.  Hmmm - do you suppose I could be the size I want to be by the end of summer?  Even if I nearly double the amount of time it would take, I should still be able to reach my goal by the end of the year!  Wow - it doesn't seem possible!  I'm gonna go for it!!!

Joycie - you are still in my thoughts and healthful prayers are said on your behalf!  Tammy - is the sickness about done at your house?  I don't want to speak too soon, but we may be on the way to healthy here, and I'm praying the same is going on at your house!

Hugs to you all!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whats new

Well Sat. morning my pacemaker went off 3 times and I fainted, Lou took me to the hospital to get checked out and after tests, tubes, needles, and every machine you can think of, hooked to me, I spent 3 days in the hospital. I'm home and on a new medicine and it makes me very sick, but I'm glad to be home. While at the hospital I put on 10 pounds of water weight, and now I have that to get off! but I already lost 2 pounds of it and maybe tomorrow will bring good news.
I love hearing from you guys I need your support.
Hugs and Love

Good Morning................

How is everyone today?
I'm hangin' in there. I am one busy mom!!!
School coming to an end... so end of the year projects and major reports being done. Baseball Season is in full force......... so its Games and Practices all the time!
My daughter and I are working the diet scene hard! We have been at it just this week and so far... so good! I had gained a few of the pounds I lost... but am now back to where I was.
So I'm back on track to getting the last of my weight off! WooHoo
We havent been doing anything real crazy... just drinking LOTS of water and watching our calorie count. So we still have a cookie or brownie if we want.... we just count for it in our day of foods!
I'm still fighting a cold! :(
I had gotten rid of it at one point but had a lingering cough... now I'm back to a sinus cold. *sigh*
This darn weather isn't helping! But being so busy that I cant really rest is probably my biggest problem.
Oh well............... life of a mom ... right?!
Okay... I'm off to get some more things done ladies.... I have to get a dessert made and dropped off by 10:30am to a Funeral Service Luncheon for a dear friend here in town who's father passed away recently!
you all have a GREAT day!
drink lots of water .... :)
God Bless

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello....(hello... hello...)

Hey everyone!  How's it going???

Haven't heard from anyone here in a while - so I thought I'd pop in and say hi...

Weight loss?  Nah - nothing that stays lost anyway... somehow it's always finding its way back to me...

I hope life is treating each of you well!

Hugs to you all....