Sunday, May 1, 2011


Evening everyone, I just looked back and see where I have NOT been here since Sept! To long and I am sure I have added pounds!

My Hubby and I are FINALLY back in our own home again after having to live with my sister and then my Daughter for a year and a half! and in that time I went all the way up to 326!! LORD HELP ME!! It has been tuff this pass year with everything that has gone on and still keeps going on. But I know I have to get under control or I will not be here to much longer! I need to be Healthy and get my Diabetes, BP, and all my other problems under control! so I told John we are back in our own place now we can go back to cooking right NO not go back but start! cause if I had of been cooking and doing right I would never have made it to 285 before we moved home and had to live with family!

So anyway this morning is the first time I have been on the scales since I moved out of my sister's home and back into my daughter's home where being there i was more active running after a 2 year old grandson:) can't remember the date's but when I was on the scale last at my sister's I was at 326:((( this morning I am at 302.6!! I have no idea how this has happened other than being more active and just not eating as much. i was not trying. So now that i am we will see what happens:)

My Goal this week will be to FINALLY be back below 300 again. so a 3 pound weith loss would be great!

I am happy to see others are still here and doing good with your loss as well. maybe together we can all get Healthy again:)