Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello Joycie!!  It's great to hear from you; I'm thrilled to hear your new doctor is helping your weight-loss progress!  I'm still here; seems like the more I think life should slow down just a little bit, the busier it gets - which is okay, I guess.  Not too much to be done about it at this point, anyway...

I would like to be under 200 pounds by my next (40th) birthday.  That's 10 months away.  I need to lose around 6 pounds a month.  That does NOT sound like an impossible goal to me!!

My brother is getting married tomorrow.  Not much else to write about right now; I need to get my dress fixed up and pluck my eyebrows...  Keep up the terrific progress!!!

~ Melani

Thursday, September 15, 2011

saying hello

Hello, any of us still out there?

What's the news? Is everyone ok, I miss hearing from all of you.

As for me I'm on the same old merry go around but I'm so ready to get off for good!

The 15th of last month I went to see a new kidney doctor (shes wonderful!) she went through my medicines one by one found no matter what I did ( besides starving myself to death) was was never going to lose weight, the water pill was taking fluid off and two of the others was putting it on. She put me on renvela and vitiman D! No dairy products for 2 weeks, some for a week, none for 2 weeks.

The 15 of Aug. 269! This morning 252 and feeling so much better, walking better, breathing better, oh and she put me a routine of iron IV on Mon, Wed, and Fri! I'm tired of all the needles better its all working .

Hope all is well and God Bless