Saturday, July 21, 2012

One month later..............

I'm down 14.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY ME!!!   I'm so excited and rather proud of myself!  
I keep this up and I'll be ready for Christmas Vacation!

I have been drinking my slim fast... drinking my water and eating nice dinners with my boys.  Occasionally I end up changing my "meal time" out for breakfast or lunch.... depending on what is going on that day... so I drink my slim fast accordingly.   
Yesterday for example... I met my mom so she could get her car worked on ... while the mechanics tended to her car... we went to breakfast at Summer Kitchen.  I had a nice breakfast... kept it simple ... good for me .. and watched my calories.  We had a great time getting some "mom/daughter" time in shopping.... then back to pick up her car.   I had my slim fast for lunch and dinner then.  Worked out just fine...and I feel great!

I have really been good about my water intake!!  I carry my water glass EVERYWHERE! 

Well... gotta get back to my boys!
catch back up again soon!
hope to see some of you ladies pop back on!

Keep drinking your water!!!!!!!
love you all
God Bless

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Beginnings................

Well ladies................ its been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since we have been on here! 
I'm back ...... and I'm serious!
I have been so stressed and I'm done!  I'm tired of being stuck at this weight... I'm tired of stress... I'm just stinkin' tired!   I havent slept in MONTHS!    So.... getting serious about eating better may help all of that!

I'm doing the Slim Fast diet.   This forces me to have a breakfast and lunch!  Then I eat a nice dinner with my boys.   I've been taking my water  glass EVERYWHERE with me... so I make sure I drink my water!  
My problem hasnt been eating too much... my problem has been not eating right or at all.   So you see... I need to give my body some nutrition to burn.   The slim fast is my nutrition and the water helps cleanse.

I have my water glass (24 oz glass).... filled for the second time this morning! :)  I had my Slim Fast breakfast shake! :)  I'm ready for the rest of the day!

So............... hope to see you ladies pop back on and lets help each other get healthy again!

hugs... love & blessings to you all!
go get you water


Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello Joycie!!  It's great to hear from you; I'm thrilled to hear your new doctor is helping your weight-loss progress!  I'm still here; seems like the more I think life should slow down just a little bit, the busier it gets - which is okay, I guess.  Not too much to be done about it at this point, anyway...

I would like to be under 200 pounds by my next (40th) birthday.  That's 10 months away.  I need to lose around 6 pounds a month.  That does NOT sound like an impossible goal to me!!

My brother is getting married tomorrow.  Not much else to write about right now; I need to get my dress fixed up and pluck my eyebrows...  Keep up the terrific progress!!!

~ Melani

Thursday, September 15, 2011

saying hello

Hello, any of us still out there?

What's the news? Is everyone ok, I miss hearing from all of you.

As for me I'm on the same old merry go around but I'm so ready to get off for good!

The 15th of last month I went to see a new kidney doctor (shes wonderful!) she went through my medicines one by one found no matter what I did ( besides starving myself to death) was was never going to lose weight, the water pill was taking fluid off and two of the others was putting it on. She put me on renvela and vitiman D! No dairy products for 2 weeks, some for a week, none for 2 weeks.

The 15 of Aug. 269! This morning 252 and feeling so much better, walking better, breathing better, oh and she put me a routine of iron IV on Mon, Wed, and Fri! I'm tired of all the needles better its all working .

Hope all is well and God Bless

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Evening everyone, I just looked back and see where I have NOT been here since Sept! To long and I am sure I have added pounds!

My Hubby and I are FINALLY back in our own home again after having to live with my sister and then my Daughter for a year and a half! and in that time I went all the way up to 326!! LORD HELP ME!! It has been tuff this pass year with everything that has gone on and still keeps going on. But I know I have to get under control or I will not be here to much longer! I need to be Healthy and get my Diabetes, BP, and all my other problems under control! so I told John we are back in our own place now we can go back to cooking right NO not go back but start! cause if I had of been cooking and doing right I would never have made it to 285 before we moved home and had to live with family!

So anyway this morning is the first time I have been on the scales since I moved out of my sister's home and back into my daughter's home where being there i was more active running after a 2 year old grandson:) can't remember the date's but when I was on the scale last at my sister's I was at 326:((( this morning I am at 302.6!! I have no idea how this has happened other than being more active and just not eating as much. i was not trying. So now that i am we will see what happens:)

My Goal this week will be to FINALLY be back below 300 again. so a 3 pound weith loss would be great!

I am happy to see others are still here and doing good with your loss as well. maybe together we can all get Healthy again:)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Still here.................

*sigh* Some days................... *sigh* I'm so sorry I havent been around ladies! Its been INSANE here! I'm literally exhausted....... physically and mentally! I lost 5 lbs... but havent lost anymore. Got my water... been eating only cuz I know I have to.. so you would think I would have lost tons... but its amazing what stress and exhaustion will do to ya. Hang in there ladies! I'm with ya.. .and cheering you on like crazy! I just need 5 minutes of peace. love you guys.... keep up the good work! God Bless .::Tam::.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

weigh in report!!!

Warning: when you try to lose weight and your gaining...... see your doctor, there is a reason!

I was so depressed I was doing everything right, limited calorie, got more active, drank my water, AND put on weight!
Had some blood work done last Tuesday and Friday the doctors office called to tell me to get on a new medicine asap. picked up the medicine, Levothyroxin (throid hormone). Friday I weight 275 pounds, normal TSH is 0.35 to 5.50, mine was at 19.52! been on it for six days and this morning weight is 265. I'm not close to were I was but now I know why.

good luck to all of you, keep at the water and exercise even if its just a little, just make sure you do a little more each day.

Take care love goes out to you.