Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week #1 Day # 5

Mel sounds like you had a great Easter day with your family and also sounds tiring!! I am happy to hear that with all this food around you did good! NOW I would not call running "nothing much"!! as that is one thing I never could do!! so way to go on your morning jog:)

Kairi WAY TO GO ON YOUR ONE POUND LOSS!! and good luck with giving up your soda! was this reg soda or diet? I have been drinking decaf Diet coke for year now and do not think I won't to give it up! NONE!! i read somewhere that just by giving up reg soda you could drop up to 24 pounds in a year! I think that number is right.

Tammy Glad to see your Easter Sunday went good also. and how is little Micheal feeling now? much better I do pray!

everyone else I hope your week is going good so far!

Me I am doing but am not keeping up with my goal to drink 48 oz's of water every day this week:( I did on friday and then sat and sun almost none! (why is it so hard to stay on the wagon on the weekends?) yesterday I did get 32 oz's in and today I am not working on my second bottle now. so with luck I will get all my water in today:) sorry I didn't make it back on last night to tell you about Johns walking but I will tell you all about it this evening when I report back in. I think I am either coming down with a real bad head cold or hey fever one!! either way I am feeling awful:(


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