Friday, January 29, 2010

My thankful list

I know, you probably figured I forgot all about posting my 10 things I'm thankful for this week. You'll be pleased to know I didn't forget! I did get sidetracked - which is pretty normal for me - but I did remember! Here goes -

  1. God's grace - boy, do I ever need that!
  2. Health! After last weekend, I'm so thankful everyone is healthy!
  3. Deadlines - whether or not I manage to meet them, having them there staring me in the face gives me something to aim for!
  4. Coffee - today was the first day in about a week that I've actually had a cup of coffee! YUMMY!!
  5. Having a week off from babysitting - the girl I babysit for is having her sister-in-law watch her kids next week, so I'm off the hook! Her sister-in-law is preparing to move, and needs the extra cash. Thankfully, I don't!
  6. My kids! They are all such blessings, especially when they are sleeping peacefully and not interrupting me!
  7. Interruptions - sometimes, I need to be interrupted to remind me what the important things in life are!
  8. Helpers making dinner... Arielle (who is 6 years old) made dinner Thursday night. We had chicken pot pie (although not exactly like we usually make it) and she did all the work herself! I was just there to supervise and advise, I did stir a couple things and I put the pie in the oven and took it out, but she did all the rest of the work herself!
  9. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Yes, we did make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! No, I haven't denied myself the pleasure of eating a small piece. Yes, I enjoyed it very much!!
  10. Friends! They're like family, only better, because we choose them!! :)

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