Wednesday, January 27, 2010

weight loss...

Okay, for me - I was dealing with a sick little man this weekend, and then I ended up getting sick, too, so I don't know how permanent this is, but I've lost 5.5 pounds since last week! I hope to keep that off, and expand on it this next week! I was not drinking water for two days, as I switched to Ginger Ale for the nausea, but I'm back to water now. We'll see how well I do this time next week. Oh, and I haven't had any coffee in DAYS!! So perhaps tomorrow I'll feel back up to my old self and able to enjoy the finer things in life (like coffee) LOL!!

Way to keep up the momentum, Tammy! Half a pound doesn't seem like much, but then again, it didn't seem like much when it was creeping onto our bodies either, did it? Like you said, it's still loss, and we'll take whatever we can get (at least I know I will!!). Thanks for the recipe!! Oh - and I like weighing in on Wednesdays rather than Mondays - great idea!!

Joyce - great tip about getting up and going to get something rather than keep it all nearby. I'll have to try that one. Hopefully, I don't lose half my stuff in the process! Ha! Ha!!

Okay - now, I'm off to prepare dinner. We're having something yummy out of my daughter's cookbook. She has claimed a "Campbells Soup" cookbook as her own, and we're going to have Chicken and broccoli Alfredo. I'll be using low sodium cream of chicken soup instead of regular, to cut down on the salt level, and lots of broccoli. Should be yummy!!

Enjoy your evening, everyone!!

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