Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday..........

Oh... its here again..........time to list 10 things you are Thankful for!!!
I know you all can do it! Come on in ... grab a cup of coffee and visit for a while.

I am Thankful for:

1) My Heavenly Father! (He teaches me everyday to love.. live and laugh)
2) My earthly Father who is now in Heaven. ( he taught me to be the person I am today! I think he would be proud)
3) Coffee............ :)
4) My family!
5) The roof over my head.. food in my tummy and clothes on my back!
6) Being the one that others come to for advice. (means God trusts me enough to lead them to me.... even when I feel overwhelmed by it all)
7) Coffee.......... (dont give me that look........... you knew it would be here again :) heheehe)
8) Sink full of dirty dishes......... (means last nights dinner was awesome and we enjoyed each others company too much to mess with cleaning up after)
9) My yarn stash!!!
10) My very very dirty van! (the fact that I have a van to drive in the first place... and all that mud reminds me of the beautiful place I live. Beautiful land.. in a beautiful house... in the beautiful country!

Mel: Hey.... no worries about "no loss" No gain is GREAT!! Hang in there with us... grab your water and lets get moving. This is one day at a time... No pressure!
Thank you for the congrats on my first 3lbs! :) I cant wait to go buy my 3lbs of yarn this weekend.

Hey Dragonflymom: Great to see you!!!
Not bad for calorie count even with a day of McDonalds! I think you can do it with 1500 calories. My daily goal is more than 1000 and less than 1500. There are days I just make it over 1000 and some I'm pushing the 1500. But its working!
I dont go to the gym... I think its great that you do!!! I have things I can work out on at home... so thats good enough for now. When the weather gets nice I'll be able to get out and walk.
Thanks for the congrats! I'm pretty happy about it!

Okay.. time for a coffee refill and a new glass of water!
Have a very Thankful Thursday everyone!!!

hugs.. love and Blessings,

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