Thursday, January 14, 2010

ok Remind me and i will also weigh in on Weds:) I will be at windy's by then so a new start!!
as for things to be thankful for, Let me see:

1) God loves me
2) for my Family
3) I am moving home
4) that I have a Roof over my head(pray for those in haiti!)
5)My Crocheting
6) like you Tammy my Internet this is my lifeline:)
7) My coffee & Tea
8) that my Brother-in-Law finally Found a job and it pays well!
9) that i was able to get all my yarn into Vac& seal bags LOL
10) For all my Crochet Group friends


1 comment:

  1. Hope moving home works out well for all, I'm not up to speed with why or what happened. Looking at your blog backward (kept going to the one that's not updated).

    Had to laugh when I saw the title of your blog, (without reading the byline), I immediately though of yarn..guess I've got a one track mind. Pounders, Caron yarn came to mind...then I read weight thing on the right side bar. Must need to wake up more and drink more coffee.

    Good luck, I like your attitude, it's far healthier than all those crash diets people try.