Saturday, January 16, 2010

Satisfying Saturday.................

YIPPIE........... I like this day!!!
Today you get to satisfy a craving ......... in moderation though.... be good... but take care of that sweet tooth... or whatever may be driving you crazy that you haven't eaten all week that you would love to have a little of!

How is everyone doing?
I'm doing pretty darn good! Don't know if I have lost weight yet.. .but I'm feeling good! So that's a great start!

The boys have basketball games today... so I may make some sandwiches again to take with us. Its healthier than eating concession food... its cheaper too. It worked great last weekend.

Well.... my friends........... I'm off to get things ready for us to get going to games. I just wanted to pop in and say Good Morning and wish everyone a Wonderful weekend!!

hugs... love and blessings,

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  1. So glad I found your other blog, thought it odd you hadn't updated since August of last year and was worried about you. Not sure how I missed the fact that you had 2 blog before? Though I think maybe the link on my blog log was directly to the other blog rather than your believe I'll now change it to this blog, since this is your active one.

    Satisfying Saturday...hum, I would be satisfied to work on something I want rather than things I think I should work on. So later, that's what I'm gonna do...and it's all your fault. lol Anyone wants to know why...I'll tell'em you said so.

    Love the pink and green template, very cute and cheery.

    Looking forward to more communication now that I've found your other blog.

    Have a good day, and wonderful wkend.