Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm checking in, too...

Hey hey everyone!  Sissie, let me just say that you should join a bowling league with a score of 202!!  My friend Kelly bowls, and I'm sure they'd LOVE to have you!  :)  Great job!  No matter what you do, getting up and moving around counts!!  :)  I went grocery shopping today, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm counting that!  LOL

Yesterday I was back down, today I'm back up.  I still haven't reached 250 even, but I'm not giving up yet... these last few days I've had a visitor, you know the one, our wonderful "Aunt Flo" that makes us hold onto water, crave salty things and chocolate... so I figure if I'm not bouncing back up to where I was a couple weeks ago I must be doing something right.  Exactly what that is, I'm not sure, but I'll just keep doing whatever I've been doing and call it good.  How's that sound?  LOL

We went to a wedding this weekend - my husband officiated again... so there was reception food and a few "adult" beverages.  My eldest son drove us home, though - I don't like drinking when I'm away from home if I'm the one responsible for getting everyone home safely... so I let William take the wheel and we made it home safe & sound.  :)  All in all, we had a wonderful time and I didn't gain a bunch of weight, so I was happy twice over!  (At least)  The wedding was for the daughter of one of my best friends... this will be the second wedding my husband has performed for one of my best friends' kids.  Pretty cool, huh??  :)

So officially, this morning I was 252.0 again.  I'm getting rather tired of seeing that particular number on the scale.  I'm hoping when Aunt "Flo" goes home I can make some real headway.  Tomorrow we head East to Ypsilanti, MI for my husband to perform another wedding ceremony... he's getting pretty popular!  :)

It's so awesome to hear everyone's progress!!  You all keep up the GREAT work!  :)

Mega hugs!!

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