Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day #3.............

How is everyone on this gloomy September morning?
I'm doing good!! Kids are off to school... Hubby off to a client site... and I just got done having my Slim Fast Breakfast Shake... 3 glasses of water and walking my stairs for 10 min.
As of this morning ... I am down 1/2 pound! WOO HOO! I'll take it!

I'm keeping busy with crocheting a shrug for my daughter for her birthday next month. I made my mom one back in June for her Birthday... my daughter loved it.. so decided I would make her one too! She better like it... heheheheheeee :)

Whats everyone else working on? The year is more than half over....
99 sleeps, 15 hours, 14 minutes & 33 seconds till Christmas...... but whos counting! :)

Well.. I need to get going... I have to call and check to make sure the Football team has someone making dinner for them tonight.... if not... It will be ME!
you all have a GREAT day!
Drink your water! I've had 4 glasses so far! yay!

God Bless

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