Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Morning .......

Well........... I'm on Week #3 now and am down 5lbs! YAY ME!!!

I am so proud of you Sissie and Mel!!!! You two are doing great.. both with weight and attitude!!! Good for you!

I have been doing real good with my calorie count... could have done better this weekend with water intake. Spent alot of time running errands... so I'm counting some of that as exercises.... hehehehee :)
I made a Great pot of chili this weekend and it was only 100 cal per cup... so 2-3 cups is a NICE full bowl... and easy on the calories!

Not sure what we're having tonight... I may make a nice grilled chicken dinner.

you all have a great day!!!!
Check back in tomorrow!
God Bless,

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