Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day #2............

Good Morning all..............
How is everyone today? I'm doin' good. Yesterday was a good 'Diet day' I drank all the water I wanted and needed to. I had my Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch.. had a nice dinner of Grilled Chicken... veggies and rice. Filled half my plate with veggies... other half had one piece of chicken... and a 3/4 cup rice. I had two snacks yesterday of an apple and yogurt!
I'm feelin' real good about my day and am excited about today!
I'm already more than half way with my water intake for the day and I'm gettin' ready to have my mid-morning snack! I think it will be a fruit parfait cup!
Checked the scale this morning and no change ... but that's okay... that means no gain too! :)

Well.. off to get some laundry done and gather my crocheting that I'll take with me while I wait for the boys after school!
I need to get new walking shoes so that I can get back to walking!

have a GREAT day everyone!
God Bless

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