Friday, February 26, 2010


The past few weeks have been such a blur, that I'm surprised I remember my name! I have had so many needles poked in me, I'm bruised up and down my arms and the back of my hands.
I'm still heading for kidney failure but I don't see the Nephrologist (kidney doctor) till March 31, there is only 4 in Joplin and its hard to get an appointment with them! So with the heart working at 10% and the kidneys working at 24%, I'm sure glad to wake up each morning and thank the Good Lord for all the wonderful thing He has given me, my family, my yarn and of course you true friends.
As for weight loss I'm still on track lost another 2 pounds a total of 30 since the first of the year!
I'm walking up to 1200 steps a day, (lucky if I could do 100 in Jan) (Tam, no use of the oxygen since Jan). My real goal now is to be able to get up and down the steps to the garage or front porch by myself.

Remember Life is what you make it, stay with the Lord and its beautiful.
love ya all, Joycie

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  1. Oh my goodness, Joyce! What a lot you've been through!! Way to go on the weight loss - 15 pounds a month???!!!???!?! That's awesome!! I'd be done in no time flat if I could lose it that fast!! I sure hope the doctors can get things straightened out for you soon - low kidney function can be pretty scary; my mom has the same issue, and has to be careful about what she eats and everything. She's also got heart issues, and recently had quadruple bypass surgery (well, it was last May, so I guess it wasn't really all that recent) but last I knew the kidney issue was still plaguing her. If you haven't yet, speaking to a nutritionist might be a good idea; they can tell you what foods to eat and how much to keep your body in a better balance. Hugs to you! Prayers, too!!