Friday, February 26, 2010


I am so sorry for being so absent!! Please forgive me!
The boys have kept me so very busy with Basketball... and Wrestling.
Ken has a cold.... the boys have the sniffles and are trying hard not to really get sick! Patrick refuses to be sick.. he has Perfect attendance in school and has since 1st grade. I've been making sure they drink lots of water and taking EmerganC (Vit C) So far... what could be a bad cold that could knock them down.. has just been an annoyance! Thank you God!!!
There has been some family issues going about and its starting to take its tole on me. Because of the emotional drama... its affecting me physically.

Aunt Joyce.............
I love you so much! I am so proud of you... and I know you have times that you are scared... but I want you to know... I believe God has many more years He needs you here! You have a gift of love through your crocheting and knitting that spreads Gods love to all who come in contact with you! He needs you to touch lives... He knows that through you many will come to find Him.
Thank you for hangin' in there with this blog. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I love you!
I too am thankful for you and Uncle Lou. You love me no matter what! Even when I'm a poppy head and don't post like I should on my blogs! :)
Keep up the good work on your eating habits! It will pay off! One pound at a time!
And hang on to your faith... One prayer at a time!
I have a vision of you and Jesus. You're sitting in your chair knitting.... Jesus is sitting there on the floor in front of you.... unwinding a knot in the yarn your working with .... so that you can keep knitting. The two of you are talking and laughing ... enjoying each others company while you create a gift for someone.

Miss Mel.......... you sweetheart you!
Good for you on your weight loss................ I know there are bumps in road sometimes... but the key is to not get stuck on them.... keep going and get over the bump ... moving on to the next bump. :)
You're doing great!
I haven't lost another ounce... I think its due to the stress I've been under. Not coming here and getting love and support isn't helping either! Shame on me!
I am so sorry to hear of your friend Jan's loss! Prayers said for her!!! Bless her heart!!!

Okay.... off I go... I need to post a dishcloth pattern on my other blog. I've been slacking a bit there too. :(

you all have a Fabulous Friday... and a Wonderful Weekend!
I'm finishing up my breakfast bar right now... sipping my coffee ... and will get another bottle of water here soon! & blessings

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