Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday weigh-in report

Wednesday was yesterday - I know, but I forgot to weigh-in... sorry about that! I did weigh in this morning, though, and I'm happy to report that I've re-lost the weight that I lost and then found again, AND I've lost a little more to go along with it! So, I'm now at a 7.5 pound loss overall. Yippee!! We shall just have to see how this progresses...

Since it is Thursday today, I will post some things I am thankful for, as well...

Let's see - I'm thankful for the weather. It may seem silly, but here in our little neck of the woods, we haven't had it too bad this winter. This past week was our first really notable snowstorm, and we still only got maybe 10 inches all together. I'm happy with that amount, don't like to be greedy, so we really don't need any more! We did have a snow day yesterday - but I wasn't feeling well most of the day so I didn't get to take advantage of having everyone home. :( Oh, well - at least the house still runs fairly smoothly even when "Mom" is down! Hey - that sounds like something else to be thankful for! A self-sufficient family! LOL Then, there is my son proposing to his long-time girlfriend... it's crazy, really - both of them are seventeen, Juniors in high school, William has signed up with the Army National Guard, his girlfriend is also trying to get in, and he proposed the other day! I asked him if he's comfortable with the path his life is on, wanting to make sure he didn't feel pressured into doing something he wasn't ready for - his response? "Feels pretty good to me, Mom!" So I just say que sera sera... they are planning a May 1, 2011 wedding (which is before graduation) and a wedding reception/open house combo for after graduation. Can we say "non traditional"??? LOL They do seem good together, they tend to play to each others' strengths and cover each others' weaknesses, so I think they make a great team. That's just my opinion, though. God might have something else in mind for them - only He knows that for sure! I'm not sure how many things that is, I've lost count... which is something else I'm thankful for! Having enough things that I'm thankful for that I've lost count!!!

I sure hope everyone else is doing well... I'm out of here for now!


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