Wednesday, March 23, 2011

weigh in

Hi gals!  I bought a scale yesterday and weighed myself today for the first time since before my Mom died... and I can report to you all that I weigh 246.2 lbs. as of this morning.  I know for sure that's down from before the scale I had quit working, I was working to get down to 250 then (from around 257 or somewhere in there) so I'm making progress!  Now that I have a new scale I can keep closer tabs on what's going on with me weight-wise.  My mom's death at the too-young age of only 59 was a stark slap in the face for me to get my act together and drop a good chunk of this weight NOW for my health.  That's all it's ever been for me - I need to lose to be healthier, and I know I'll look better and feel better overall, too.  With my family history of diabetes, I have a lot riding on this!  My mom's mom died at the age of 69, then mom at the age of 59... I'm going on 39 and definitely want more than another decade on this planet!!!  :)  My great-grandmother (Mom's grandma) was 96 when she died, and I'm convinced my grandmother and my mother could have lived many more years if they had been more diligent in watching and controlling their weight.  I am determined not to walk down the same path!

Okay, that's my update.  How is everyone else doing???

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