Friday, March 11, 2011

THANK YOU, glad to hear from you.

Thanks Tammy for your support, I know they say" you have to do this on your own" but even on the show "the biggest loser" they have partners and team members helping them out. I NEED YOU!

I know all the information about eating the right foods and exercise but your right, with all the things going on, we forget to take care of ourselves! We can let each other know WE CARE.

I'm back on the water and no more snacking at night, ( it was so easy to fall into my old habits)

The last few months I just got lazy, I let Lou wait on me hand and foot, (literally) so my goal is to do as much for myself as possible, every movement is actually exercise, boy do I need it!

I was using the fact that Sarah Jo is slowing down (she had a defib/pacemaker) put in last month and is suppose to take it easy. So we went out to eat ALOT. Yes I'm the one that put all the weight on.

Thanks for sticking with me,

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