Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

Good Morning....I want to let you know I'm holding my own, haven't lost or gained any weight, but thats ok with me for now I'm still trying to get the kidney thing under control making little head way but thats ok too. My sister in Michigan is in real bad shape, first in Oct she found out she had cancer in her one lung, and they were treating her for it. but her platelets in her blood isn't high enough to do chemotherapy. Last Sunday at church they had to call the rescue squad to take her to Midland Hospital, there they found cancer in the brain, and thought they could do surgery on it Weds. but now they found its all over the brain. and will try radiation for 10 days.
I did start something new for me this last week though I call the senior center and I'm not having meals delivered to me at noon everyday, this meal is low sodium and low fat, it includes a main dish, 2 veggie, fruit, and milk oh ya a roll and butter! They are very good.
I miss hearing from all of you and hope your doing ok..

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