Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello Joycie!!  It's great to hear from you; I'm thrilled to hear your new doctor is helping your weight-loss progress!  I'm still here; seems like the more I think life should slow down just a little bit, the busier it gets - which is okay, I guess.  Not too much to be done about it at this point, anyway...

I would like to be under 200 pounds by my next (40th) birthday.  That's 10 months away.  I need to lose around 6 pounds a month.  That does NOT sound like an impossible goal to me!!

My brother is getting married tomorrow.  Not much else to write about right now; I need to get my dress fixed up and pluck my eyebrows...  Keep up the terrific progress!!!

~ Melani

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  1. Glad to hear from you Mel,
    Just try the no dairy for 2 weeks and change nothing else and see if you don't lose weight I find I'm not as hungary any more and some food don't even sound good.
    Good luck, Joycie