Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Morning................

How is everyone today?
I'm hangin' in there. I am one busy mom!!!
School coming to an end... so end of the year projects and major reports being done. Baseball Season is in full force......... so its Games and Practices all the time!
My daughter and I are working the diet scene hard! We have been at it just this week and so far... so good! I had gained a few of the pounds I lost... but am now back to where I was.
So I'm back on track to getting the last of my weight off! WooHoo
We havent been doing anything real crazy... just drinking LOTS of water and watching our calorie count. So we still have a cookie or brownie if we want.... we just count for it in our day of foods!
I'm still fighting a cold! :(
I had gotten rid of it at one point but had a lingering cough... now I'm back to a sinus cold. *sigh*
This darn weather isn't helping! But being so busy that I cant really rest is probably my biggest problem.
Oh well............... life of a mom ... right?!
Okay... I'm off to get some more things done ladies.... I have to get a dessert made and dropped off by 10:30am to a Funeral Service Luncheon for a dear friend here in town who's father passed away recently!
you all have a GREAT day!
drink lots of water .... :)
God Bless

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