Saturday, July 25, 2009

online help!!

Hey all - my friend Theresa told me about something at Prevention's website that should help keep everyone accountable to themselves... I have checked it out, and it looks like it might be very helpful! I've punched in how much weight I want to lose, when I want to lose it by, what my lifestyle is like, etc... it tells me how many calories to eat each day, to reach my goal. (Guess what?!? My calories per day total was NOT in the negative!!! Woo hoo!! LOL) I like that I put in the stuff I do, and it just spits out the statistics - no frowning or tsk tsk's at all! And I'm the only one that sees it... so lying doesn't do any good at all... LOL Any how, I thought I'd share the link in case anyone else is interested. Oh, and it's free! You can check it out here and then just click on the "my health trackers" tab. I hope everyone else is doing well with their progress - I'm not, but I'm also just getting started...

Take care everyone!!

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  1. Hi mel. this is great I will check it out thanks for sharing. I am still not doing good either, just can't seem to find my want too